16 Sep

Chūshingura, the legendary story of the 47 Rōnin:

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24 Aug

Lastest illustration artworks

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29 May

A limited edition series of art prints…

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This is a limited edition series of five illustrations. These were created using a linocutting + printmaking technique known as “colour reduction”.
There are only about seven or eight prints of each. Available for purchase very soon either through this website or etsy!

15 Apr

Cartoon of the day!

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31 Mar

Today’s illustration [update]

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Sometimes it’s really hard to keep motivated and stay inspired. :( So I started drawing this two hours ago, while watching Von Glitschka’s “Monster” workshop on…

I think I’ll have to force myself to do more drawing challenges + courses, otherwise nothing tends to emerge…

It turns out I don’t like the original. I suppose that’s what happens when you put work out there too soon. I suppose that’s what happens when you set yourself a one-hour time limit on something.

In the interest of displaying my highest quality illustrations, I have decided to blend this one with another “half-arsed” illustration. The beasts come from the planet “Mintaka”.

I think you’ll agree that it looks better now.

15 Feb

What it takes to design a logo

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Now and then I provide comments about people’s logos. It might be on LinkedIn or Quora. So I was just asked again for some design advice. I don’t want to reveal too much personal/private information, so here is a part of my response:

Most logos are, if anything, are too complex. It’s better to be too simple that too complex.

I don’t think non-designers realise that design is a long and ‘iterative’ process, meaning even though the final logo may be a simple symbol, it has gone through many many different steps, perhaps hundreds (if not thousands).

Each time, the designer(s) have the same critical approach. But instead of looking at it for 10 seconds as I did with your logo, we basically do this for hours and hours (and not just 1 or 2 hours, I’m talking 6+ hours for any half-decent logo). That’s basically the difference between a logo that costs $30 and one that costs $600 or more.

There are many questions. Lots of communication needed.

I think some of the hardest logos of all are for personal services and large corporations.

“Do you have any suggestions how to emphasize xyz?”

That is just one of the things that designers get paid for. Another thing is to come up with fresh ideas. Right now I do not have enough information about your service and target market. If you want me to design a logo for you, I can do it, but I can’t work for free.

Anyone can learn to be a designer, but it takes a lot of time, a lot of experimentation, a lot of trial and error, a lot of mistakes and a lot of money. Like a lot of things, it’s easier to just pay someone to do it for you, because you are not just paying for the time it takes to design a logo, but also their experience (which may take five or ten years of learning about design).

I personally think I have chosen the very two fields that people have the least respect for: science and then design. Just because a quality logo appears like it was drawn in five seconds, I can assure you that its development probably took more like five hours.

Logo design is expensive, but it’s often the very first impression that people have about your business. It really needs to have a lot of thought put into it…

26 Jan

“Fly away” game app concept design + storyboard sketches + illustrations

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Bored at work?

Here is the link to the actual ‘finished’ game that I did in 2016:

See if you can swat the fly!

NOTE: This was programmed with Adobe Flash (now called “Adobe Animate CC”), so may need to install the Adobe Flash player to ensure it works correctly. Mozilla firefox doesn’t always play nicely with flash for example.

It’s a very simple game because object oriented programming and animation was a small part of my graphic design diploma. Programming is definitely not my strong point, and it’s free, so don’t expect too much!


25 Jan

This is my PhD thesis, from 12 years ago…

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If you’d like to read all about the structure formation of natural opal, this is one of the most complete models of opal formation available anywhere.

Characterisation of Australian Opals — leslie dean brown

At the time I remember my supervisor said to me that it was one of the most well-presented theses that he had ever seen.

Not necessarily the results, but the quality of the illustrations and I guess you could say the “design layout”.

I always want to be proud of my own work and do things to the best of my ability.

Today I was able to open up my original word document file that was almost 12 years old.

To my surprise, it kept the original formatting and page breaks. And why shouldn’t it? Although I am not so keen on the changes that have been implemented to Microsoft Word between since then.

Okay so truth be told,the original wor  d document came in at 281 pages and the printed copy came in at 282. So something was not right.

It turns out that one graph had to be pushed down by one line and the original date was also restored. I was so paraoid that I would forget to change the date, the field updated itself automatically.

The reason I am doing this and sharing it again here is that my thesis was finally digitised by the UTS library this week, but the quality ain’t all that great, because it was rescanned from the printed page.

Hopefully google robots will scour my site, find the pdf and index it so anyone can access it.

So I’m deciding to generate the pdf myself (I never got around to doing that).


23 Jan

Grasshopper logo concept

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I tried to pitch a new logo design to the original inventor of grasshopper3D software the other day, David Rutten. It turns out that it was not a great success, mainly because he is looking for a code-based intro/splash page. He did thank me for my design though…

Here is a part of his reply:

However what I’m hoping to get for GH2 is not so much a single image, as a stylistic language which is flexible enough to be applied to a variety of context while remaining recognisable. Also a certain 3d-ness and computationality should be part of the look. In short, I’m hoping to come up with something which is amenable to algorithmic processing, which means at heart it must be code, not graphics.