How do you know when a logo is strong enough?

What I think you should ask yourself before you commit to your logo is this: would you tattoo that symbol onto your own arm? Because if the answer is ‘no’, then it’s just not strong enough to be a logo.

I mean this is an actual logo I sourced from Quora. The dude was fully going to use this! I don’t know what happened to him. No doubt he failed in his mission because this is one gawd-awful logo. In fact it was so awful, I saved a copy to my hard disc, to show people what not to do.

The chances are, you do not like the logo I have shown above, right? Because you have some modicum of taste. I won’t even go into what is wrong with this logo. You can no doubt already point out some of what is wrong with it. But from the point of view of a designer, this is basically what we see whenever you show us your do-it-yourself logo. We see horrendous mistakes. And quite often, we can’t tell you about them because we don’t want to offend you (or your sense of style).

Here’s another reason why you want to make damn sure that your logo is solid, because otherwise one day you get this. If you ever do become famous, your followers will start tattooing your worst designs onto their own bodies! Yuck!

How do you know that you are not the guy presenting this logo to the world? How do you know? So please, if there is one thing to take away from this, it is don’t trust yourself to design your own logo. At least get a second opinion.