My store

I am now selling a limited amount of merchandise online through Redbubble, Etsy and to a lesser extent, Ebay.

At this stage, the shop will feature a selection of prints, greeting cards, t-shirts, spiral notebooks, ceramic mugs, travel mugs, draw-string bags and the odd wall clock.

Some of the products are shown here. Until I get a dedicated ecommerce page up and running though, the best way to help me out is to purchase anything through any of the above channels!

Hopefully this will make the transition to full time illustrator a bit easier for me.

I do not believe in over consumption, so I will keep the products that I offer to a minimum. No rubbish. No junk.

In other words, I am only selling most of the paper-based stuff. I have very few plastic iphone cases and things like that. That way, at least I know it is biodegradeable and compostable.

The world just does not need any more crap ending up the ocean. Agree?

leslie dean brown