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Last night in Moruya…

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Why did I choose Nikon?

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The reason I chose a Nikon system over Canon system, people, is that Nikon’s camera lenses are backwards compatible… even going all the way back to the 1970’s. Now, keep in mind that when I bought my first Nikon camera in 2014, I didn’t even own any Nikon or Canon lenses. I never had.

But after reading —no, make that scouring— Ken Rockwell’s website, specifically this new page of his, it made me realise that Nikon looked like one of the only manufacturers that truly seemed to care about not just backwards compatibility, but even forwards compatibility as well.

It just seemed to me that they were the most serious about not wanting things to go to waste. Not just money, but material resources.

And I like that. That for me is very, very important. So I guess what I am saying is that that was one of the main deciding factors, the reason, for me to have bought into Nikon’s entire F mount system.

Why is it so important to me? Well, because if there’s one thing in this world that I can’t stand, it’s companies that make things go obsolete well before their time.

More about the Bin Laden project…

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I have had some very strange looks while photographing the Bin Laden project. If there’s one side of Sydney that I don’t like… it’s the refuse & rubbish that I see everywhere.

With this project, I am trying to make waste “look nice” with special editing techniques. Easier to become zero waste though I think.

I think it’s strange that all of this refuse (which is for the most part very ugly) is on display for everyone to see. Where is the waste in nature?

The fact is, nature knows no waste.

So the point of this project is to get people to think more about all of the waste that they generate on a daily basis. As a former materials scientist, I try to encourage everyone to buy less products and more services instead.

It has been shown that we humans tend to look back on experiences more favourably than previous physical purchases.

When we do buy products, they should be made from ecological, sustainable materials, with zero waste. I myself am trying very hard to operate a new “zero waste” business.

And that is the goal of the Bin Laden project.

Added some more rubbish photos!

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I got a whole bunch of cool bin shots today! 🙂
I have taken some of the weaker images out of the Bin Laden Project set.

And reorganised the menu structure of the website.
I think it is much easier to navigate now.

Bin Laden project updated!

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It’s been a while, so I have just uploaded some new photos to my ongoing Bin Laden project.

I have also been busy on several new projects:

  1. advertising space” — there are now five photos in that set.
  2. behind closed doors” — there are now four photos in that set.
  3. signs of the time” — there are now five photos in that set.
  4. windows to the soul” — just one photo so far (I found the light and colour emanating from this particular window to be very interesting).



Photography links

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I have spent the last 2 or 3 years learning about lenses. For me, some of the best advice has come from none other than Ken Rockwell. His advice is usually to invest in small, compact prime lenses rather than digital bodies. The whole idea is to get better quality equipment for less price. That is what I have essentially done and I am happy with pretty much everything that I have bought so far. He is generally quite right about equipment, and his advice can save you a lot of money in the world of cameras.

Another great resource for lens reviews is Photozone. I have bought more than a few lenses on their reccommendations because I find their reviews to be thorough and very objective. A similar site is DXO mark. And there are no shortage of reviews on the Imaging Resource. Another good one is LensTip. If you prefer the funny/creative/vulgar, then look no further than Kai Man Wong’s entertaining video lens reviews on Digital Rev TV.

If you’re like me, you get a bit overwhelmed with all the choices of lenses. is one link that makes your life a bit easier to compare all of the lenses available for a certain type of camera body mount. It’s especially useful if you’d like to compare the size, weight of basic specifications of the lenses. The one down side is that Voigtlander lenses are not featured, which is a shame.


The only photography blog that I really follow is Eric Kims street photography blog. That’s it.

Other than that, Ming Thein has also written a lot about photography and takes lots of great photos. Be warned though that Ming’s writings are more like treatises or photography essays than actual blog articles (he’s also a Hasselblad / Zeiss nut). Many times I end up falling on one of Steve Huff‘s blog articles too (he’s a Leica nut though).


A popular forum that you might have already come across is Loads of professional and very knowledgeable amateurs on there…


Your new place to buy street photographs.

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Hello there,

This is my first post for quite some time, so please bear with me. I originally started this photography website with the intention of doing something related to street photography. At the time, I wasn’t sure exactly what. So I’ve been a bit aimless with it.

I recently finshed a small business training course and so after a lot of deliberation I have decided to try to commercialise this website. I think the best way to do that is to allow people to purchase my images online. So you’ll soon be able to buy street style photographs from anywhere in the world in a downloadable, high-quality image format.

The point of it is mainly to enable graphic designers and other creative professionals the ability to purchase unique, fresh and dynamic images that are hard to find elsewhere. You’ll notice that I’ve changed the layout of the main menu; there is now an option to buy the images. At this stage, they are previews only (while I get the ecommerce system up and running). I also need to add some terms and conditions as well (so that users will know the usage and copyright restrictions). Later on I may add a store where you can buy physical products such as art prints. At this stage though, I am offering digital downloads only as I have a lot of other projects going on…

Please check back in the coming weeks and hopefully all of the images will have purchase links on them by then.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the website!


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