More about the Bin Laden project…

I have had some very strange looks while photographing the Bin Laden project. If there’s one side of Sydney that I don’t like… it’s the refuse & rubbish that I see everywhere.

With this project, I am trying to make waste “look nice” with special editing techniques. Easier to become zero waste though I think.

I think it’s strange that all of this refuse (which is for the most part very ugly) is on display for everyone to see. Where is the waste in nature?

The fact is, nature knows no waste.

So the point of this project is to get people to think more about all of the waste that they generate on a daily basis. As a former materials scientist, I try to encourage everyone to buy less products and more services instead.

It has been shown that we humans tend to look back on experiences more favourably than previous physical purchases.

When we do buy products, they should be made from ecological, sustainable materials, with zero waste. I myself am trying very hard to operate a new “zero waste” business.

And that is the goal of the Bin Laden project.

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