Why did I choose Nikon?

The reason I chose a Nikon system over Canon system, people, is that Nikon’s camera lenses are backwards compatible… even going all the way back to the 1970’s. Now, keep in mind that when I bought my first Nikon camera in 2014, I didn’t even own any Nikon or Canon lenses. I never had.

But after reading —no, make that scouring— Ken Rockwell’s website, specifically this new page of his, it made me realise that Nikon looked like one of the only manufacturers that truly seemed to care about not just backwards compatibility, but even forwards compatibility as well.

It just seemed to me that they were the most serious about not wanting things to go to waste. Not just money, but material resources.

And I like that. That for me is very, very important. So I guess what I am saying is that that was one of the main deciding factors, the reason, for me to have bought into Nikon’s entire F mount system.

Why is it so important to me? Well, because if there’s one thing in this world that I can’t stand, it’s companies that make things go obsolete well before their time.

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